Your First Website

Everyone knows that to survive in today's economic climate their company or organisation needs a website, but for many the idea of getting online is simply too daunting.

At York Interweb we promise to take all the stress and worry from getting your business online. We supply everything you need in one place. How much you learn about your website and the extent to which you get involved with its operation is entirely up to you.

Levels of Involvement

1.       Some of our clients know very little about websites and how they work and prefer to keep it that way, simply reaping the benefits of the extra phone calls and emails they glean through their website, while leaving the running of it totally in our hands.

2.       Other clients prefer not to get too technical, letting York Interweb handle their website maintenance, but still like to know a bit about how their website works, who visits their website, how many visitors they get per day and what people search for to find them and so on.

3.       The third type of client wishes to be completely involved: adding their own pages and images through a Content Management System; learning new ways to improve visitor numbers; optimising their pages for search engines; regularly attending meetings to discuss enhancements, researching site analytics and ad campaigns - really grabbing the bull by the horns.

Of course there are many people who fit in between the above three examples, but we offer them to give you an idea of what to expect if you come to York Interweb for your website design and development - you can go from a total hands off approach right through to us teaching you everything there is to know about website ownership and online marketing.

Of course, you may find yourself at level 1 to begin with then work your way up as your interest grows. The choice is yours.

The main point is that getting your business online with York Interweb is as simple as you want it to be.

You don't need to read any further to get started, everything below this paragraph is further information for those who are interested - we will run though it anyway if you decide to make an appointment. If you wish you can contact us now to arrange a no obligation chat in person to discuss your website needs, without any prior knowledge of what you need to know. Even if you don't choose York Interweb as your web designer after your appointment, you will still walk away with a better idea of what's involved.

Further optional reading:

Aspects of Running a Successful Website

These are the kinds of things any good web design and development company will take into consideration when creating any kind of website. So, whether you're a Solicitor, Dentist, Accountant, Plumber, Builder, or Children's Nursery, most of the following information will apply to your website.

If you wish you can come to us with firm ideas of how your vision fits into the following points, or you can meet us with no prior thoughts on the subject. Either way you will come away with plenty of useful information.

Your Company or Organisation

How do you want to be portrayed, what is your desired company/organisation image? For instance, if you're a Family Solicitor you might want your website to have a trustworthy yet approachable feel, or if you're an architect you may want to project a feeling of technical expertise.

What Do You Want Out of Your Website?

Aside from the look and feel of your website, what do you want to gain from owning a website? For many this may be as simple as getting more customers, while others may have a product or products they wish to sell. You may wish only to provide useful information.

What Does Your Website Need to Do, What Functions Does it Require?

Examples of functions are: portfolios or galleries of your work, contact forms, booking forms, forums, live chat, events diaries, subscribers and newsletters, the ability to update your own pages, shopping carts, the ability to take payments online etc.

Who is Your Main Target Audience?

Are you aiming to attract teenagers, girls, boys, men, women, housewives, specific professions and so on?

How Will You Know Your Website is Succeeding?

It might seem an odd question to some, but it's important to know how to measure your successes. For instance you might measure success by the number of visitors to your website, or positive feeback from people admiring your portfolio, or by the number of contacts you gain via your website.