Facebook and Social Media Marketing

York Interweb has stayed at the cutting edge of web development and online advertising for almost ten years and we are fully cognisant of the unique marketing opportunities offered by large social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

With this in mind, we have a number of client-specific services available aimed at raising awareness of your brand through Facebook marketing, exposure on Twitter and YouTube video branding.

York Interweb's Social Media Marketing services include:

  • Developing bespoke Facebook pages with your branded graphics and your branded Social Ads and seamlessly integrating your company's website with your company's Facebook page.
  • Creating a unique YouTube channel which enforces your company's brand awareness and sends people to your website
  • Adding a Twitter feed to your website and creating your own customised Twitter page
  • Creating a blog for your website that matches your web design template and integrating your blog with your Facebook page and with other social networks.

As of January 2011, Facebook has over 600 million members that interconnect within this unique social media bubble outside of Google searches. With the Facebook Marketing that York Interweb provides you can tap into this massive user base and grow your business.

YouTube is the number one destination for people who want to watch videos online. With our help, you can own a YouTube channel and brand your videos in a way that makes you stand out as a professional business or organisation. This will position your brand above those of run of the mill amateurs who post videos on YouTube.

If you already know all about Facebook and Social Media Marketing, you know how important it is to have a Social Media presence as part of your arsenal.

However, if you know very little about Facebook, Twitter and Social Media Marketing, we can still help you. We promise to explain everything we do and not try to baffle you with a load of buzzwords and techno-babble. At the end of the day, utilizing Facebook and Social Media Marketing is pretty much the same as using offline advertising on TV or in magazines - the medium is just a little different.